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Welcome to Roman Szot custom furniture!

If you want the absolute in best quality, handmade in Canada furniture, you have come to the right place. Our work has typically been delivered only through the highest end design houses and frequently featured in Architectural Digest magazine and other publications. However, if you have found us directly, this is your chance to get the high end custom design experience and save on the cost associated with high-end designer work. We consult with you, the customer, custom design and build the highest end custom furniture projects you will find anywhere in the world. Whether it’s Toronto, Vancouver, New York, The Hamptons, or the World, our pieces have been there. Now it is your chance.

Roman Szot brings to the table 23 years of experience and understanding of the complexity of custom furniture design. With a BSc in Engineering, MSc in Architecture, and years of study of classical styles and contemporary masters, few furniture masters in the world deliver the utmost pieces that Roman and his team can deliver.

Now onto the process.

In actual terms, Roman always believes that the customer is the designer. The designer’s role is to translate the desired customer expectations into a final piece where he can employ his expertise to refine and deliver a piece of utmost quality. If the customer however prefers for the idea generation to come totally from the designer we are flattered to have an opportunity to drive with such creative freedom and deliver an end-to-end experience. Either way, you are sure to get a piece of custom furniture to proudly display for years to come.

Through the years of interaction with designers we have learned that the delivery of finest quality customer furniture requires a variety of expectations in terms of ideas and technique. We have also learned that clarity of communications and the ability to set expectation and deliver are key. We bring all of this learning to the table when engaged by you to create a custom furniture piece.

Roman is also frequently asked about his favourite furniture styles. Even though styles are a personal matter and they all apply in different settings, some of Roman’s favourite include Art Deco and Period Furniture (1760 - 1800, English and French styles).

Overall, we are sure that choosing Roman Szot for your custom furniture project is the best choice you can make. We eagerly await your project. Thank You!