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Welcome to our Custom Bathroom Designs

If you want the ultimate in custom bathroom cabinetry, Roman Szot should be able to provide what you require. Roman has produced and overseen the completion of countless custom bathroom cabinets and completed full bathroom re-disign projects. If your taste is exlusive and you expect the same from the design and execution for your bathroom project you have come to the right place. Let Roman perform an evaluation on your project and we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Now a little about our philosophy of bathroom design.

First and foremost in any custom bathroom design project, whether we are managing the whole design or just designing and manufacturing the vanities and other pieces of furniture, functionality is of paramount importance. Bathrooms, even those that are custom designed for the affluent clientele are typically more limited in terms of available space then other design projects, nevertheless they have a huge impact on the usability of the house as they represent a large portion of active time we spend in our houses. As such, when designing custom bathroom vanities or other custom furniture, we work with the client to understand the desired uses and work through the mapping of optimal layout of usable surfaces, drawers, storage spaces, lighting design etc..

In addition, the craftsmanship associated with a custom bathroom project must reflect the quality and ambience of the entire house. Any bathroom should ideally represent a continuity of design of the house. Custom bathroom design must also reflect customer expectations and as such we take care to fully understand expectations and get signoff on as much of the design details as possible.

When designing and manufacturing a custom vanity we take care to incorporate materials and finishes appropriate for the use associated with the conditions present in a bathroom environment to ensure the custom bathroom furniture will look great for the years to come. It is important to ensure proper temperature and moisture control is designed into the bathroom right from the start.

Roman Szot offers full custom bathroom project management, but is also happy to take part in project lead by other designers in which our shop delivers final pieces of furniture and a custom vanity (or custom vanities)

Some of our favourite styles associated with custom bathrooms are Classical, Contemporary and Artsy (Theme Based) designs.

We hope you will choose Roman Szot for your next custom bathroom or custom vanity / custom bathroom furniture project.