In our understanding, true craftsmanship shares a lot of common ground with artistry. In cabinetmaking understanding the sense of line, proportion and style is a necessity which helps to achieve impeccable execution. Finishing area has its own demands. Theory of color and composition, knowledge of techniques and materials employed for each individual piece are a must.

What counts is the final effect of object leaving our premises.


With traditional techniques fully employed in our atelier, we are also open to technological progress.
In this regard we are extremely proud of our own technological progress:
  • Hand Applied Veneers
  • Excellent finishes of top coat
  • Proprietary (Pattended) stains of purity, clarity and unmatched depth (Take a look at the finishespage to see examples)

Our technical-achievements are complimentary to techno-wizardry of masters we follow.

It is also important to mention our work environment. Respect given to our craftsman is paid back handsomely through their personal engagement in work. This results in elevated integrity of the whole production process and ultimately in superior product quality.
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Product Photography by studioEPIC.